Painting with Timbre is an interactive program, utilizing Processing and Pure Data, that allows user manipulation of an onscreen waveform through the timbre identification of various noisemaking objects.

In this version of this project, the following objects were used to control the visual display:

0.  Jar of Beans:                                    Amplitude of Sine Wave
1.  Jar of Matches:                                 Period of Sine Wave
2.  Plastic Box Containing a Castaña:      Velocity/Direction of Sine Wave
3.  Can with Wine Cork:                         Size of Ellipses in Sine Wave
4.  Coffee Mug with Bottle Caps:            Rotation Amount of each Ellipse
5.  Jar of Brown Sugar:                         Turn Background On/Off in Processing (Basically, Paint/Erase)
6.  Jar Hit with Pen:                              Start/Stop Wave Motion
7.  Jar with Glue Stick:                          Reset

Please see the blog post about this project for more information.  Click here.