Music Mood Visualizer is an application using the emotiv EPOC EEG interface, Processing and Open Sound Control to provide a dynamic real-time visualization of the user’s cognitive state with regards to musical stimulus.

We created a system for visualizing a user’s cognitive state.  Ideally, this system would be used in conjunction with some kind of musical stimulus.  We were interested in whether it’s possible to learn the self-regulation of cognitive states using this system. In other words, can you train your mind to achieve a certain visual output?

Our setup is relatively simple.  The signals from the emotiv are read wirelessly into a computer, and the included software allows different levels of access to the data.  The software processes the data and outputs values in several areas.  The ones of interest to us are:  “Engagement”, “Excitement”, “Frustration” and “Meditation”.

In terms of how changes in cognitive state affect the visualization:

Engagmenet:   affects the rotational speed of the circle (more = faster), as well as the diameter (more = less).
Meditation:      affects the color (more meditation = a stronger blue) and the diameter (more = less).
Frustration:     affects the color (more frustration = a stronger red) and the diameter (more = bigger).
Excitement:     affects the randomness of the individuals within the circle (more excitement = less randomness).

Please see the related blog post for more information.