Five Bells is a sound art piece inspired by the Gilman Hall clock tower at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Part I consists of a series of audio recordings of the Gilman Hall bells.  These recordings were made from varying distances from the tower, taking advantage of the sound’s interactions with the surrounding neighborhood and its buildings.  Using Pure Data, these sounds are triggered at increasingly more rapid intervals, leading to a cacophony that aims to disorient and overwhelm the listener’s ability to organize incoming sound input.

For more details about this project, see the posts I wrote about it on my blog by clicking here.

Five Bells Part II (I Am Sitting in a Clock Tower) continues with the idea of disorienting the listener over time.  In this piece, the same clock tower recording is played and recorded again and again in the same room, with each successive iteration becoming more difficult to identify bells ringing due to the inherent acoustical properties of the room gradually being reinforced in the recording.

For more details about the development of this project, see the related blog post here.